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Investigating How and Under What Conditions Effective Professional Development Increases Achievement in Elementary Science

  • Executive Summary

Teacher participation in just 24 hours of MSS science content PD resulted in statistically- significant improvements in student learning outcomes. Additionally, analysis of classroom video showed statistically-significant differences in student cognitive engagement, student engagement in scientific sense-making practices, and teacher elicitation of and attention to student thinking.

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Differential Effects of Three Professional Development Models on Teacher Knowledge and Student Achievement in Elementary Science

  • Research Article

Teacher participation in just 24 hours of MSS PD resulted in statistically significant gains in teacher and student content knowledge. Additionally, teacher content knowledge gains were maintained 1 year later as well as gains in that year’s student content knowledge. Student gains were consistent for ELLs and did not differ based on sex or race/ethnicity.

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Utilizing a Written Assessment to Measure Growth in PCK for Elementary Science Teachers’ Involved in a Large-Scale Experimental Study

  • Conference Paper

Using classroom observation data to measure teacher enacted PCK is costly and time-consuming. Using written assessments can be an effective alternative.

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Supporting Growth Of Pedagogical Content Knowledge In Science

  • Book Chapter

Making Sense of SCIENCE professional development is intentionally designed to strengthen teachers Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

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Demonstrating Positive Impact on Leadership at All Levels

  • Impact Brief

MSS teacher leaders develop a deep familiarity with Next Generation Science Standards and make plans to stay in the teaching profession more than their colleagues. Through leadership professional learning, they are able to support other teachers and advocate for increased science support at their sites.

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Transforming Science Classrooms

  • Impact Brief

MSS teacher professional learning affects students’ opportunities to learn by supporting teachers in changing what they teach, and how they teach it.

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Moving the Needle on Middle School Student Achievement in Science by strengthening Teachers’ Knowledge and Skills

  • Impact Brief

Students whose teachers participated in three, 5-day physical science courses, and used school-year formative assessment supports, gained an equivalent of nearly 6 months of science learning as measured by the Arizona state standardized test.

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