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Our Impact

Our professional learning has been proven to transform instruction and boost student achievement. And those with the most to gain — students with poor literacy skills, students without English as a first language, students with low achievement — gain the most.

A lot of professional learning doesn’t translate into changes in classroom practice and even less shows an impact on student achievement. Multiple rigorous studies have been conducted on our approach to transforming teaching and learning, in many different contexts (e.g., urban/rural, various standards, various student curricula, low/high SES). 



Students of MSS-trained teachers outperformed students of control teachers by more than 40%

English language learners in the classrooms of MSS-trained teachers outperformed English language learners in control teachers’ classrooms.



Students of MSS-trained teachers demonstrated gains equivalent to nearly 6 months of additional learning

Increasing student achievement by an effect size of 0.20 closes one quarter of the Black-White achievement gap. 

Bloom et al., 2008

System-wide Impact

We include leadership development in our professional learning system because sustained school-wide and district-wide impact requires adept local leadership. Through MSS support, leaders deepen their science knowledge, their skills in science teaching, and their ability to support other teachers and leaders in doing the same. They also report that they also more likely stay in the profession and advocate for critical changes in science education. 

Being an MSS facilitator has changed the trajectory of my career. I left the classroom three years after I started so I could work with adults. It gave me the confidence to work with large groups of people. Even though it’s science based, the biggest learning I’ve taken is my ability to facilitate and work with adult learners. I’m more focused on supporting adults in growing themselves and having transformative experiences through PD.

Amy Chase
Science Instructional Support Specialist at Albuquerque Public Schools

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