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Technical Assistance

Successful education leadership and transformation requires a lot of expertise, resources, services, and experience. Our Technical Assistance team helps states, projects, districts, and schools nationwide bring their innovations to scale.

Our model of technical assistance shares the same respectful, collaborative foundation as our teaching and learning work. We facilitate your success by providing services from the earliest stages of project planning through the implementation, evaluation, and dissemination phases. 

Project Planning

Needs assessments, connecting to existing research, related projects, and subject matter experts from WestEd and beyond

Project implementation and evaluation

Survey and assessment design, administration, and analysis, coaching, observations, feedback

Project dissemination

Developing reports, briefs, publications, webinars, video series, and social media campaigns

Teacher Surveys & Assessments

Gathering formative feedback and knowing the impact teacher professional learning is making is essential for making smart decisions about long-term PL plans. Our surveys and assessments gather the data you need.

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I appreciated the completely non-judgemental stance of my coach. He worked with the ideas that I brought to the table and was willing to build off of them, not fundamentally try to change any of them. He offered great resources and coaching moves. I appreciated that he waited until I had my articulated needs met before he interjected some of his own tips. I felt absolutely heard and supported throughout.

New Mexico

Sample Technical Assistance Projects

Every site is different, and we look forward to exploring and serving that uniqueness. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve matched our services to the specific contexts and needs of our partners. 

Building teacher leaders at high school

Central Valley, CA

  • Locating a likely funder
  • Coordinating and contributing to the grant writing process (and winning, twice!)
  • Conducting a needs assessment
  • Codesiging the project implementation
  • Participant survey design, administration, and reporting

Hosting an online statewide conference 

New Mexico Public Education Department

  • Advice on the conference design/format and the presenter application and selection process
  • Presenter pre-session coaching to boost the use of research-based engagement strategies and best utilize the platform
  • Session-by-session observations and reports
  • Participant survey design, administration, and reporting

Ready to maximize your impact?

Our speciality is providing personalize technical assistance. Let us help you boost the impact of your projects.

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