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Facilitation Academy

Highly effective facilitation isn’t something that just happens. It’s a skill that’s honed over time through experience and reflection.

Our train-the-trainer model has been shown to produce professional learning providers who successfully lead impactful teacher professional learning. Attendees experience a course as learners and delve into the techniques needed to facilitate it for teachers.

Prepare professional learning providers to facilitate one of our Teacher or Administrator Courses. Facilitation Academies for our shorter courses are also offered to the public during Camp MSS — a learning retreat for science educators and leaders on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. 

The best facilitator I ever had didn’t tell me the answer. She showed me how to discover it myself.

Academy Participant
Photo of facilitator completing a chart
  • Audience: For professional learning providers
  • Time: One hour per day extension to any MSS Course

Ready to bring a Facilitation Academy to your site?

Facilitation Academies are ideal for states looking to implement MSS professional learning on a large-scale or for districts looking to build local capacity. Let us customize a professional learning pathways to meet your needs. 

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Demonstrating Positive Impact on Leadership at All Levels

MSS teacher leaders develop a deep familiarity with Next Generation Science Standards and make plans to stay in the teaching profession more than their colleagues. Through leadership professional learning, they are able to support other teachers and advocate for increased science support at their sites.

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MSS Facilitation Principles

This PDF contains one blackline master of the MSS Facilitation Principles chart that can be enlarged to poster size.

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